Amazon & Frito-Lay Take Home the Gold!

Around here, we already knew that the companies that choose to call our counties home are amazing, but over the last few months, we sought to find the employers who shone brighter than the rest. We wanted to find employers who show Excellence in Commuter Options. Whether that be through their innovative ideas and creative events or even their marketing and incentives; we wanted to recognize employers who went above and beyond for their employees.

After searching both San Joaquin and Stanislaus counties, respectively, we concluded our searches with a beautiful award and a basket of local goodies for both Amazon and Frito-Lay. The Amazon Tracy Fulfillment Center’s crew led the San Joaquin pack by holding at least half a dozen on-site events, in order to give their employees every chance to utilize Smart Travel options, instead of rolling into work alone. Furthermore, not only have they logged almost 1,500 trips and have burned a cool 4,700 calories, but they even designate preferred parking spots for carpools.

It seems as though preferred parking spots is the thing to do, as our Stanislaus Winner, Frito-Lay, has been saving those good spots for their carpoolers for years now. Frito Lay never ceases to step up to the plate. Each year, they donate thousands of bags of chips to the Bike to Work Month cause. So if you’ve ever snacked on some chips from one of our Bike to Work Month events, you can thank Frito-Lay!

The search isn’t over just yet… so don’t you worry Merced! Keep your eyes peeled because we’re coming for you this summer!