Carpooling... Say what?

In case you never participated in a school carpool growing up, a carpool consists of two or more people sharing a ride to work (karaoke optional but recommended). Carpools can be as flexible as needed. Share the ride every day or once a week. It is up to you.

Carpooling vs Driving

The average cost of owning and operating a small sedan per year.*


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The average cost of owning and operating a medium SUV per year.*


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The average cost of owning and operating an electric vehicle per year.*


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One more time for the people in the backseat!

The numbers above are based on 15,000 miles of driving annually. With one more person in your vehicle, your commute costs can be cut in half. IN HALF! Add a third person, and now you ‘re only paying 1/3 of your driving dollar.

Howsabout a Schoolpool?

If you represent a school, dibs can help find smart travel options for students and their parents.


Dibs can help schools establish a Schoolpool Manager with school officials and parents. SchoolPool Managers are able to access a suite of tools like group emails, cluster map data and more, to help make your school program a success. Contact dibs today for more information!

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It’s math time! Let’s say Suzy drives to work five times a week and travels 10 miles per round trip. Suzy could save $783 a year by carpooling with one other person and over $1000 a year by carpooling with two other people. That’s a lot of grande mochachinos! Check out AAA’s Driving Costs and Gas Watcher’s Guides for more info.

If you have an emergency and you cannot connect with your carpool. Be sure to use the Emergency Ride Home option at dibs.

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