Welcome to Dibs. A New Look Inspired by You.

Launched almost 40 years ago by the San Joaquin Council of Governments, Commute Connection was established when times were a little different – offering carpooling as a single solution in response to the need for resource conservation in the 1970s during the energy crisis. As time went on, the program expanded the options to promote vanpooling, biking, walking, and riding transit.

Today, we’re experiencing major advances in technology, a new sharing economy, more mobility options, and a change in consumer expectations and travel habits. With all these exciting changes happening, we thought it was time for a new expression of our brand to be successful in connecting with the public and effecting change in the years ahead.Why Dibs? We wanted to get people’s attention and be relevant. Much of the research linked the Commute Connection name to a transportation service such as a cab company.

Dibs symbolizes the very definition of having the right to choose something. Smart Travel. Your Way. And we want to help people get there. Our exciting transformation has been a long time coming and we’re proud to present our new look to the public. With the leadership from our marketing group, Crocker and Crocker, and collaboration from stakeholders, commuters, employers and community organizations throughout the three counties of San Joaquin, Stanislaus and Merced, Dibs will continue to offer the tools and resources to make it easy and accessible for the public to be aware of their transportation options. They’ll just be better. Along with the new modern look, you’ll notice a new logo and brand statement that visually expresses our intent to promote Smart Travel.

Ignited by a new trip planning system in 2016, in the coming months we will also be introducing enhanced benefits and new opportunities for engagement. So, while our look may be new, our core mission has not changed-to promote smart travel options in an effort to improve air quality, reduce congestion and enhance overall quality of life. Thank you for visiting.