Bike to Work Month is BACK and we’re taking over the entire month of May all over again! We love getting out there and getting our ride on, especially¬†when we can win cool stuff just for logging those rides!


This year, the more rides you log, the better the prizes get!

Log 1 trip & you could win a sweet pair of MonkeyLectric LED Bike Tire Lights (check them out here)

Log 2 Trips & you could win a “Trick-Out Your Ride” package. This means a new Bell, Helmet, Dibs t-shirt, Dibs sunglasses, Dibs bike light, Bike Repair Tool, MonkeyLectric LED Bike Tire Light, and a sweet phone mount!

Log 4 Trips & you could win one of 3 Apple Watches or one of 3 brand new Bicycles!


Logging a trip is crazy easy, just hop onto your dashboard at and click on the date that you rode and toss in a few more details like how far and if you walked or bike and BOOM!!! Just hit Log Trip and you’ve done it!!! You’ve logged a trip! Keep the momentum going and keep logging all month long to climb up to that top prize tier!


Want to come hang with us and snag a sweet shirt or crazy cool Dibs shades? We’ll be all over San Joaquin, Stanislaus, and Merced counties dishing out the sweet goods and even giving away Swell water bottles at some events! Check out our list of events on the website here or on our Facebook page here

It’s almost May 1st… let’s Grab Life by the Handlebars.