Surveys, gift cards, & Swell bottles… oh my!!

Bike Month is over and you know what that means… SURVEY TIME!!!

This year, we stepped back, checked out the survey through a fresh set of eyes, and tossed the old survey right out the window. Bye Felicia!

We swapped out the survey program, amped up the questions, and even made it quicker. It’s the best survey you have ever taken and will ever take.

Did I mention there’s a drawing for prizes if you take it??

Oh yeah, well there is and they’re glorious. Gift cards and Swell Bottles. Doesn’t get much better than that. Call Dibs on your prize by taking the best survey ever and giving us your bike month thoughts! Even if you didn’t hang with us for Bike Month, take the survey and let us know why not! It’s a win-win.

what are you doing still reading this? Go take the survey silly!!!