Survey says: SJ residents can help plan future transportation!

San Joaquin County residents can have a hand in planning the future of transportation in the region by simply filling out a brief survey.

The survey results will be used as part of the San Joaquin Council of Governments’ Envision 2050 project to update the Regional Transportation Plan and Sustainable Communities Strategy (RTP/SCS). SJCOG is the planning, financing and coordinating agency for the San Joaquin region overseeing transportation, housing, habitat conservation, and other areas.

SJCOG’s RTP/SCS provides the long-range vision and investment plan for the county’s future transportation needs. The plan maps how the region will integrate transportation and land use to provide transportation options that help the region grow in a financially and environmentally responsible way.

Policies and strategies developed through Envision 2050 will be used to meet regional challenges, including to air quality, social equity, economic development, truck and goods movement, and long work commutes to jobs outside the county. The plan also aims to examine how increases in the number of people working from home, increases in delivery services due to online shopping or take-out meals, and the growing use of autonomous and connected electric vehicles will guide the transportation investments.

One way to have an influence on which strategies will be selected for the update is to participate in a MetroQuest Survey. Please follow this link to the MetroQuest Survey to take part in shaping the future of transportation in San Joaquin County.

To learn more about the RTP/SCS, please contact Tim Kohaya at (209) 235-0389 or, or Hailey Lang at (209) 235-0582 or