Finding our Smart Travel Treasure

Each year, the Dibs crew takes a look back at where we’ve sailed and the journeys we’ve taken. That being said… Can you guess the theme of our Community Report for last year?

Explore our 2016-2017 Community Report and let us know what you treasures you find!

Here are a few of our favorite highlights…

126 vanpools now cruise the commuter seas
(That’s nearly 3 miles of traffic wiped out of the shipping lanes)

During Bike Month 533 intrepid adventurers grabbed life by the handlebars and saved over 3 million pounds of CO2 emissions (talk about wind in your sails!)

All told, this led to 1,512 Smart Travel sailors pledging to join the Dibs Crew!And…the voyage to Go Dibs 2020 continues!
We have hit the 400,000 mile mark in our journey to reaching one million
Smart Travel miles logged by the year 2020.