WTH is Smart Travel?

Smart Travel means going to work, school or play with other smart people in carpools/vanpools or by other smart ways such as transit, walking or biking to save time, money and the environment. NBD.

dibs on your Commute

Step 1:   Join (it’s free)

Step 2:   Plan your trip (it’s easy)

Step 3:   Log your trip (it’s quick)

Step 4:   Perks, prizes and events (it’s awesome)


Ways to get your Smart Travel on:


Hey, Boss Man/Lady/Human!

Make getting to work a perk for your employees.

boss giving thumbs up gesture
yellow circle

How you've made a difference.

illustration of cloud with "CO2"

267.7 tons co2 reduced

illustration of a van

486 vanpools

group of people

dibs members 11,841

vehicle miles traveled image

VMT Reduction
3,852,828 miles