Vanpool FAQ, Forms, and Agreements

Vanpool FAQ

Vans are leased from our vantastic partners: Commute with Enterprise or CalVans.

That’s up to you and your van crew. Some vans have one primary driver. Other vans split the driving. It depends on what works best for your vanpool (and who the best drivers are 😉).

That depends on the size and model of your van, how many people are in your pool, how long your commute is and more. Our partners can help provide a cost estimate.

Nope! A standard Class C license is all you need for a typical van. If you’d like to get fancy and get a larger van, drivers will need to complete a DMV Class B driver’s medical examination. We’ll reimburse each new driver for the out-of-pocket cost of that exam with proper documentation, so save your paperwork!

Our partners allow limited personal mileage in some cases. Chat with Commute with Enterprise or CalVans for more info.

Use our handy dandy dibs Trip Planner. Tell us your start and end locations and we’ll show you existing vans that might fit your schedule. You can also give us an old school call on the telephone (1-800-52-SHARE), and we’ll assist you in finding a vanpool or starting your own.

If you have an emergency and you cannot connect with your vanpool. Be sure to use the Emergency Ride Home option at dibs.

Forms and Agreements

Pre-Tax Savings

Employers may provide up to $270 per month to commuting employees for transit, parking or vanpool fees. As an employer, you pay for the benefit and receive business income tax deductions in return. As an employee, you receive the benefit free of payroll and income taxes. It’s basically $ on top of your current salary. Win, win. Employer’s Tax Guide to Fringe Benefits