Trip Planning


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Trip planning as easy as...

Step 1: login or create an account

(it’s free)

Step 2: plan your trip

(it’s easy)

Step 3: log your trip (carpool, vanpool, etc.)

(it’s quick)

Step 4: connect with other riders

(it’s awesome)

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How’s this trip planner work?

We’re glad you asked. Our database has all the street smarts, meaning it contains up-to-date walking and biking maps, transit schedules and the ability to connect you with thousands of other carpooling and vanpooling commuters. Just tell us where you’re starting and where you’re going, and we’ll offer up a ton of wallet-friendly and environment-friendly ways for you to get there.

Let's log it!

Once you’re signed up, you can start planning and logging those trips. We’ll help you calculate how much money you’re saving, how much CO2 you’re reducing and even how many calories you’re burning. You can also win prizes. Go to your dashboard and log that sucker!

Try our Mobile App!

It’s a carpool matcher, it’s a route finder, it can earn you prizes and it’s all in your pocket! With our mobile app through RideAmigos, the power is in your hands. Download the app and see what transit routes, carpoolers, and bike paths are in your area. Even better, by logging your trips you can win prizes with special events like Rideshare Week and Bike Month.